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Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology program is the entry point for people who are committed to a training track that is geared to vocational ministry, or who are looking for a more in-depth engagement with Biblical and theological issues, and more advanced skills in ministry practice. Our program is designed with practice in mind, and assessment shaped by the ministry context addressed by each stream of training.

These ministry contexts include:

Ethnic and multicultural church leadership, Pastoral leadership, Church planting and pioneering ministries.

Modules are offered in various modes – distance, project-based and face to face. Recognition of prior learning is also available in part or full and is assessed on prior training and experience. Successful completion of this qualification satisfies the training requirements for people seeking registration as Queensland Baptist Pastors.

The full qualification will take between 750 and 925 hours of structured/supervised study plus additional unsupervised hours to complete (depending on the stream chosen). There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Learners however will need a competent grasp of English skills (reading, writing and speaking) which will be assessed at the time of applying for enrolment. Learners will also be required to have a mentor who can guide and support them in their studies. This will usually be a ministry leader within the learner’s local church.

Learners within the Pastoral Leadership and Church Planting streams are also required to have moderate computer skills in word processing, email, web browsing and online engagement. These learners will need a reliable computer and good internet access that allows them to download and upload text and video content.

Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Here’s MVT Director, Andrew, to tell us about the Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology

The subjects are designed to equip people to:

Analyse and interpret theological beliefs and information
Research and investigate theological information within themes and issues
Identify new theological information and relate this to a Christian way of life
Gain new personal understandings about God and people
Communicate theology in an effective way.

Modules, Course Fees and Start Dates:

There are two formal intakes a year for our Diploma courses (February and July).

Stream A: General Pastoral and Church Planting Course Cost: $6695 Tuition Fees + resources (texts and source material) for each unit

Stream B: Ethnic Ministries Course Cost: $3960 Tuition Fees + resources (texts and source material) for each unit. Note that acceptance into this stream is restricted to people leading in an ethnic church, usually coming from a refugee situation.

More information on each of the streams, including module fees, can be found at these links: