Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care – CHC42315

The Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care (CHC42315) is a nationally accredited course designed for those looking to develop their understanding and practice in people-helping. This is an entry-level qualification for people wanting to be involved in intentional Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care ministry. It is an AQF level 4 course, designed for supervisory and management positions.

The Certificate IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care aims to develop foundational skills that underpin growth and development as a chaplain or pastoral care worker. It is an excellent entry point for those looking to develop the basic foundational skills of people-helping skills whilst gaining an understanding of various contemporary issues such as trauma, ethics, grief, and suicide.

The Malyon Vocational Training (MVT) Certificate IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care has been developed with feedback from those who are currently working in the Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care field. MVT is committed to gaining industry consultation and feedback on our studies, so learners can be assured they are learning the most current frameworks and values of the industry.

MVT’s Certificate IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care is delivered by bringing together the best of both the secular and Christian perspectives regarding the spiritual, emotional, and physical care of people. Learnings are supported by scripture whilst challenging learners to work through their beliefs on certain issues. Knowledge and skills are then assessed through various types of assessments.

Learnings include:

Providing scriptural pastoral care and support
Working out your faith around contemporary issues affecting people
Identifying and assessing a person’s well-being and needs
Learn how to support a person affected by issues such as trauma, mental health, and disability
Providing basic direction and pastoral support while referring to appropriate professionals
Looking after yourself while caring for others

For those wanting to minister in the area of School Chaplaincy, there are three (3) required units:

CHCCCS016 Respond to client needs
CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues, and
a choice of either Providing Pastoral Care or Working with Youth.

Hear what our students have to say about studying a Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care:

Certificate IV chaplaincy
Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care


The course has 4 modules and 2 elective units (learner’s choice). The modules are:

Best Practice
Pastoral Care
Contemporary Key Issues

The elective choices are (please note that not all electives will be available every semester):

Facilitate the empowerment of older people
Work in an alcohol and other drugs context
Address the needs of people with chronic illness
Increase safety of individuals at risk of suicide
Support clients in the decision-making process
Facilitate the empowerment of people with a disability
Plan and conduct group activities
Deliver care services using a palliative approach
Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
Support young people to create opportunities
Lead volunteer teams


The practical element to attain this qualification is for the learner to complete a minimum 100 hours of work (either paid or volunteer) in the area of Chaplaincy and/or Pastoral Care, as well as engage in the further practical work as is required within the units and modules. Please note that Malyon Vocational Training is not a placement organiser, so you will need to arrange the work placement yourself and have this approved by Malyon Vocational Training’s Course Co-ordinator.

It is essential that the learner understands that, before they can be deemed competent in any unit, s/he must have demonstrated the appropriate skills to a satisfactory standard and be signed off by a supervisor. Learners are to keep this in mind, especially when choosing electives.

Please note: *The completion of this course does not guarantee employment as a Chaplain in a Qld Baptists setting. * Although counselling electives are available, this is not a counselling qualification, and will not be sufficient for those seeking to go into this field of professional counselling practice.


The course is designed for Learners to have flexibility in their study load per semester. This means that some Learners will complete the course in 12mths, while others can take up to 4 years. Most Learners complete in 18mths.

A sample full-time 12mth load:

Semester 1                Best Practice (3) #, Pastoral Care (3) #, Self-Development (1)           

Semester 2                Key Contemporary Issues (4) #, Electives (2)

A sample 18mth load:

Semester 1                Best Practice (3) #, Self-Development (1)                      

Semester 2                Key Contemporary Issues (4) #, Electives (1)

Semester 1, 2024     Pastoral Care (3) #, Elective (1)

Pastoral and Spiritual Care Skill Set CHCSS00085

MVT has a module that encompasses Mental Health, Appropriate Referrals, and Pastoral Care. This module is offered as the nationally accredited Pastoral and Spiritual Care Skill Set.

Delivered as a stand-alone, on-demand module, students can enrol in the Skill Set at any time during the academic year and will have 12 months to complete the module. RPL is available for eligible candidates.

Learner Requirements:

Learners need a minimum of basic computer skills* with reliable internet access. Some assessments require the learner to record in audio and video formats (MP3 and MP4), as well as attendance at online tutorials. Learners also need a satisfactory grasp of English skills (reading, writing and speaking).

*Basic computer skills include being able to open, edit, and save both new and existing word documents, selecting and moving text, save documents with new file names, uploading and downloading documents, videos, audio, images etc, the use of PowerPoint, email, using of auto forms etc.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Often people will present with considerable existing knowledge and experience in pastoral care and/or chaplaincy.  In these situations, Malyon Vocational Training will work through a Recognition of Prior Learning process and identify gaps in learning and experience.  Where gaps are identified, we will offer the missing units of competency through an online distance program. There is no reduction in course fees for RPL for this qualification unless agreed to prior with the Course Coordinator.

For more information: 2023 Certificate IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Information Booklet

Learn more about Ministry through chaplaincy – Crossover “Ministry Outside the Church Walls through Chaplaincy” https://www.crossover.org.au/chaplaincy-ministry-outside-the-church-walls/

More information on the course fees can be found here: