Become a pastor

As a student pastor in a rural community with a young family I appreciate the flexibility of Malyon Vocational Training’s program.  Their courses are relevant, and I can immediately put into practice what I am learning.”  
Daniel O’Connor – Student Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Recommended courses for pastors

Are you looking for training in pastoral ministry?

  Are you looking for a training program that is practical, relevant, flexible and accredited?

Malyon Vocational Training offers a pathway for people who require accredited training to be registered as a Queensland Baptist pastor.  The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology 10743NAT is the accepted VET qualification within QB, and has been shaped by MVT for the specific purpose of training people involved in pastoral ministry situations.  Most people engaged in this learning are either already engaged by a church as a pastor, or are in a pastoral training situation at their local church.  Our program is designed to be accommodated around pastoral duties that a person will be carrying out in a local church, and is very much geared towards training “on the job”.  Learners in this stream will be required to have a mentor/supervisor and will need to be active in ministry in order to engage successfully in the required activities.

Our training is suited to people who are ministering in conventional church settings, and we also take a particular interest in training people involved in establishing new Christian communities/churches and fresh expressions of church.  We also have a stream specifically dedicated to pastoral training for ethnic (non Anglo) churches, often where the leadership and congregation has come to Australia as refugees. 

For more information on the pastoral training programs refer to the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology information you will find under the Course tab on this website