Our Purpose

Malyon Vocational Training works with churches and like-minded people (particularly within Queensland Baptist networks) to co-ordinate and facilitate training so people can grow as leaders and advance in their Christian ministry capabilities and capacity.  Our desire is to see people trained and equipped to lead and minister effectively so that people will come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity, engage in a local church and serve our world in need.

Our Approach to Training

We believe learning should be an active experience, based in real life situations.  We seek to integrate theory and practice in learning experiences that relate to actual ministry. Our goal is to apply sound learning principles in real life contexts involving action and reflection, so people learn through practice and evaluation.  As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we offer a variety of accredited ministry programs as well as an extended range of complementary programs.

Our Movement

Malyon Vocational Training is an initiative of Queensland Baptists (QB). QB is movement that exists to bring the collective strength of the Queensland Baptist network together to assist local churches to develop and achieve their own vision under God and bring about transformation in the lives of people within their communities.

Our Team

We engage a team of experienced trainers, all of whom have current and relevant experience in the situations in which they are training. All our accredited courses are trained by qualified trainers and assessors. Trainers and Assessors at MVT are active Christians and members of a local church. Further information about the team can be found in MVT’s Learner Handbook

We contract a group of excellent trainers and assessors to deliver our programs.